About Be Nice Co.

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Drop VI - We're Back


Creating Smiles

One of our goals is to simply make people's days better. In addition, we aim to encourage people to be nice to themselves and their peers.

Learning Skills

We learn numerous practical skills such as apparel design, web design, social media management, marketing, and community outreach.

Supporting The Community

We look to support local communities and companies around us, which is why all proceeds from our sales go to charity.

The best thing since sliced bread, I promise!

Literally Our Teacher

My son looks really handsome in these clothes.

Justin's Mom

Giving off Drake vibes.

The [Old] School VP

Love this idea and business you developed. Keep it going!


The message is working!! Keep up the great work!


I love walking around with my "Be Nice" sweatshirt. I would like everyone to "Be Nice".


If you are a business or organization that would like to support our current charity or cover costs of Be Nice Co. operations please send an email to beniceco.us@gmail.com